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Mr Dipesh Kumar


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Energy is a critical input for socio-economic development and the overall growth and prosperity of a nation is dependent on abundant, cheap and environment-friendly energy resources. I have been working on various aspects of bioenergy (primarily on the development of biodiesel) as an indigenous, alternative, clean and renewable form of energy. I have worked on the development of biodiesel from non-edible vegetable oil resources using novel and environment-friendly heterogeneous catalyst. Large-scale commercialisation of biodiesel is hampered by its inferior fuel properties such as poor oxidative stability, corrosively and low-temperature operability. One of my research objectives is to improve these properties of biodiesel using environmentally benign approaches. In order to achieve this objective, I have attempted various strategies such as utilisation of plant extract as an additive, winterisation etc. Preliminary investigations have yielded promising results, and the findings have been communicated in reputed journals for publication. In addition to these, I have also done extensive literature survey on the prospects of algal biofuels for meeting the ever-increasing demand for fuel

The findings of the study have been published in the form of scholarly review articles and book chapters. We are also trying to identify policy challenges and lacuna in development of biodiesel industry in India. Further, I am in touch of few researchers from BRICS nations, and we have been working together to develop a research proposal aimed at addressing some of the pressing challenges in the development of bioenergy and biorefinery. Mr Dipesh Kumar has peer reviewed 9 publications and participated in numerous international forums.