Ms. Li Yangyang

Deputy Director, China Coal Research Institute, Beijing

LI Yangyangwas assigned as a Programme Officerof Division of International Organizations and Conferences, Department of International Cooperationin Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST),People’s Republic of China in July 2016. Yangyangis responsible for the coordination ofenergy policy interests in China, supporting the Division through project management, as well as promoting China-multinationcooperation on science and technological innovation by supporting a broad range of international mechanisms, specifically on energy issues, and researchcooperation. Yangyangworks across many international mechanismsand their respective Chinese counterparts by multilateral communication and managerial supportthe implementation of internationalprograms and policy including Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), IEA(International Energy Agency), and United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) and Generation IV International Forum(GIF), etc.,in areas of clean energy R&DD, environment protections, energy policy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Yangyangholds a Master’s degree in International Events Managementfrom University of Surrey in the UK, where she focused on research on environment, ecological economy and sustainability effects of government led events.