Nitin Maurya

Dr Nitin Maurya

University: National Innovation Foundation



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Dr Nitin Maurya is a Scientist C/Innovation Officer at National Innovation Foundation – India and heads the Dissemination and Social Diffusion department of the institute. He is also the Regional Coordinator, National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF) Guwahati Cell for the North Eastern region of India. Holding a Doctorate in Physical/Biological Anthropology from the University of Delhi, Nitin Maurya has been working in the grassroots innovation space for over twelve years now. He has travelled extensively across the length and breadth of India, searching creativity at the grassroots, building case studies on grassroots innovations and exploring appropriate linkages to take these innovations forward in the value chain.

He has contributed majorly to the publications of books, articles, papers at the National Innovation Foundation-India (NIF). He has also published 21 papers, case studies and articles nationally and internationally. He is also an Expert Member of the Scientific Research Advisory Committee of Department of Science and Technology, Government of the Indian state of Meghalaya; Member, Working Core Group in Action Research for Green Building Technologies/ innovations, Government of Indian state of Meghalaya and Member, Working Core Committee for implementation of project "Setting up of Living Root Bridge Museum and School", Government of Indian state of Meghalaya. He has also been a National Talent Scholar (NCERT) and the recipient of Junior and Senior Research fellowships of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Dr Nitin Maurya coordinated the Annual National Competition of technological ideas of school students’ during 2008-14 – the IGNITE competition of the National Innovation Foundation – India. He has served on the National Jury of the ‘Take Care Take Charge’ competition of the Times of India and Garnier India on Environmental Innovations in 2011. Dr Maurya is now associated with Department of Science and Technology, GoI’s INSPIRE MANAK scheme and has served as a Jury in State level competitions. He has also been on the jury of many other science, technology and innovation competitions of schools and engineering colleges at State, Regional and National level.