Binota Thokchom

Dr Binota Thokchom

University: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

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Dr Binota harnessed emerging technologies to explore environmentally friendly alternatives for decontaminating polluted water. 


A practical concept on interfacing nanotechnology with sono-electro-reactor engineering to improvise innovative solutions for resolving energy and water related issues were already addressed through my research works, promising a sustainable solution to resolve the on-going water-energy nexus. Through this work, he has received recognitions like Young Scientist Award, Best Paper Award etc. Recently, based on this proposal which also include building a portable water treatment system, he has been selected for INSPIRE FACULTY AWARD. Besides, he has a background of collaborating a part of this work with Prof Dongyuan Zhao, Fudan University, China, and a leading institute in Nanotechnology & water treatment. They have published research journal together. Pengpeng Qiu who did Ph D with him at Korea University is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at this university now. This university also offers BRICS Programme. He has visited China in 2014 along with him and a Chinese Post Doc. In fact, they can be regarded as the bridge, a networking platform for BRICS young scientists. Besides, he was a representative of Young Women Scientist (YES), Seoul Chapter, where he was leading all the young female foreigners from science background from all countries, but living in Seoul to gather up together and work in a common platform. Dr Binota has peer reviewed in more than 10 publications.