Ms. Anu Dhar

Senior Engineer, Process, Reliance Industries Limited, Dehradun

Anu Dhar is senior process engineer working with India’s largest private sector oil and gas giant Reliance Industries Limited.  She is a Chemical engineer, with design and research experience in a wide spectrum of industries like Oil & Gas, petrochemicals, refinery, fertilizers and biofuel industry. She has graduated from India’s leading university, Institute of Chemical Technology, erstwhile UDCT, Mumbai in 2010. She has worked extensively in process design and engineering of various plants on hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, formaldehyde, ammonium thiosulphate, synthetic natural gas, gas hydro-treating and other technologies for refineries and chemical production plants in Russia, Mexico, USA, Indonesia, Korea, Venezuela,Iraq etc.Then after, she has moved in the field of Research & Development and currently focusing on development of product and processes for biofuel and niche chemicals from algal biomass. Her biofuel research also involves converting waste to crude bio-oil.