Ms. Bongi Mkhize

Deputy Director, Department of Science and Technology

Babongile (usually known as Bongi) Mkhize has been working for the South Africa Department of Science and Technology for the past 10 years, first with Africa Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation, then later with Overseas Bilateral Cooperation. She holds a BSc degree in Microbiology and Chemistry (Hons) from the University of South Africa as well as MBA degree from the Open University (UK) with a dissertation titled “Organisational Structure, Systems and Culture as Key Drivers to the Implementation of Strategies”. She is currently doing her PhD in the Management of Technology and Innovation with the Da Vinci Institute of Technology and her thesis title is “Model for harmonising National Policy to capitalise on South Africa’s scientific and technological prowess: Lessons learned from developing economies”. Bongi is partly responsible for developing and servicing strategically selected international relationships/ partnerships and agreements in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) between South Africa and countries outside Africa particularly in the Americas (including Caribbean) and Australia Asia regions, to strengthen the South African National System of Innovation (SANSI) and contribute towards social and economic development.  She has been instrumental in the establishment and nurturing of new relations between South Africa and specific partner countries and in creating an enabling environment for the South African National System of Innovation (SANSI) to access international science and expertise.