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Third BRICS Young Scientist Forum 

Durban South Africa
25-29 JUNE 2018


Building BRICS Youth Leadership through Science,


Technology and Innovation


Third Conclave of the BRICS Young Scientist Forum was organised in Durban, South Africa from 25 June to 29 June, 2018.  Young scientists from the 5 BRICS countries- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa- participated in the conclave. Among other, the following three topics - energy, ICT and Water- were the primary focus.







On behalf of the Government of the Republic of South Africa, it gives me great pleasure to welcome the many young scientists and innovators that have come to participate in the 3rd BRICS Young Scientist Forum. Recognising the past, present and future role of young people in society, we see this event as a wonderful opportunity for knowledge sharing and solidarity within the framework of BRICS.


The Forum, as indicated by its theme, "Building BRICS youth leadership through science, technology and innovation", will address a wide variety of challenges, such as youth entrepreneurship, the role of women in science, the significance of science diplomacy, and today's research imperatives in energy, water and the social sciences. The event will be an exciting platform for the exchange of ideas and perspectives on youth and science, as well as an opportunity to find creative solutions for our common good.I look forward to the outcomes from the 3rd BRICS Young Scientist Forum, and wish you all fruitful discussions and a pleasant stay in South Africa.


Ms Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane


Minister of Science and Technology


Republic of South Africa



As South Africa celebrates Youth Month, it is a great honour for our Department of Science and Technology, in partnership with the Academy of Science of South Africa, to host the 3rd BRICS Young Scientist Forum.We believe that this gathering of talented young scientists and innovators from the BRICS member countries will stimulate vibrant discussions on a whole range of pertinent issues that affect our societies, from the role of young women in science to strengthening the link between knowledge generation and innovation leading to new products and services.


One of the Department of Science and Technology's main objectives is the promotion of human capital and high-end skills to support the inclusive and sustainable growth and development of the national economy, and to enhance our citizens' quality of life. In pursuit of this goal, we recognise the pivotal role of international cooperation, and the strategic value of the BRICS partnership.

We wish the capable young men and women attending this Forum every success in their deliberations, and look forward to the emergence of strong and sustainable networks and programmes to support the future endeavours of the BRICS Young Scientist Forum.



Dr Phil Mjwara


Director-General of Science and Technology


Republic of South Africa


Main Goals of the 3rd BRICS YSF


The main goals of the 3rd BRICS YSF were


  • To promote youth driven creative solutions to the most pressing socio-economic problems in their societies
  • To promote academic and policy exchanges and dialogues amongst the BRICS youth; and
  • To promote interactive contact between young scientists and established scientists and researchers from the BRICS member countries.
  • To provide a platform for talented BRICS young scientists and researchers to exchange perspectives on transformative change and forge sustainable research partnerships, links and networks



The 3rd BRICS YSF under the theme “ Building BRICS Youth Leadership through Science, Technology and Innovation” will highlight the strategic importance of science, technology and innovation as key drivers of youth entrepreneurship and leadership. In addition, the 3rd BRICS YSF will have a dedicated segment on young women in science and include discussions on cross cutting issues such as science advice, science communication and science diplomacy. While the 3rd BRICS YSF will follow the format of previous forums by having thematic discussions (this year the focus will be on energy, water and social science) it will also include additional new components such as the BRICS young innovator prize contest and the BRICS young programmer competition.


3rd BRICS YSF Programme


The 3rd BRICS YSF programme included the following activities:


BRICS Young Innovator Prize

Workshop on Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Seminar on Science Diplomacy, Advice and Communication

Parallel Sessions on Thematic Areas


The parallel thematic sessions addressed issues related to the following topics:


Energy – The Present and Future Energy Imperatives of BRICS Economie

Water – The Strategic Importance of Water Resources in the Context of Climate Change

Social Science – The Impact and Challenges of Modern ICT Technologies on Youth Identity and Cultural Choices





The 3rd BRICS Young Scientists Forum was from 25 to 29 June 2018 at Elangeni/Maharani Hotel in Durban.





Address: 63 Snell Parade, North Beach, Durban, 4001


Phone: 031 362 1300