Dr. Natasha Ross

Lecturer, University of the Western Cape,

Dr. Natasha Ross  is a Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Western Cape and a recipient of the University of Michigan (UM)-African Presidential Scholarship for 2015/16 for research exchange visit to the UM Energy Institute. Dr Ross undertook her undergraduate studies at the University of the Western Cape where she obtained her BSc Chemical Science degree in March, 2008. Her first introduction to research was in 2008 when she developed a nanocomposite biosensor for determining the metabolic profile of anti-retroviral drugs in human serum as her BSc Hons project. For attainment of a Master of Science degree awarded in 2010, she constructed a novel nanocomposite immunosensor for anti-transglutaminase antibody detection, which was a biomarker for coeliac disease. Dr Ross’s PhD degree (awarded in 2013) focussed on the synthesis of modified nanostructured manganese oxide (MnO) cathode materials for the improvement of the stability and energy storage capacity of Lithium-ion batteries (LIB). She has presented her research at various international and national conferences.