Dr. Nicholos Engelbrecht

Lecturer, University of North West

Dr Nicholas Engelbrecht Obtained his PhD in 2013 from the NWU and has since as post-doc contributed significantly to the research outputs of the Centre for Space Research (CSR) at the North-West University (NWU) in South Africa. Dr Engelbrecht uses different computational and analytical methods/techniques to do research in Space Physics. Advanced numerical models are developed by him to describe different spacecraft observations and to test different theories by simulating cosmic ray behaviour in turbulent magnetic plasmas. This has resulted in a good record of scientific outputs for someone his age where he is already an independent researcher who has presented his research at various international conferences/workshops.  Dr. Engelbrecht was also a lecturer for a BSc Hons module in the School for Physical and Chemical Sciences at the NWU. He was 100% responsible for that particular module and also proved himself as a capable mentor, supervising and assisting pre-graduate students also in the University’s laboratories. He already co-supervised 1 MSc student and is currently also a co-supervisor for a PhD student.