Mr. Akshay Vaid

Engineer-SD, Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar

Akshay working as Engineer –SD at Facilitation centre for Industrial Plasma Technolgies, Institute for Plasma Research. He has completed his B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Himcahal Pradesh University in 2008. He is currently doing masters from Homi Baba National Institute. He is involved in the design and development of various plasma based applications for societal applications in which he has developed atmospheric pressure plasma jet for bio-medical applications. He is also developing plasma sterilization system for the sterilization of the medical equipments. Along with this plasma carburising process for hardening of low carbon steels is first time developed in India by his team. Besides this his team has also developed 40” Angora Plasma treatment systems for increasing the co-efficient of friction of Angora Fibres so that they can be weaved into clothes without shedding. This system is installed in the Himalayan region to benefit wool industry.