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The BRICS Young Scientist Forum has created a network to harness knowledge for solving common societal challenges through research and innovation. Research and development in the field of Science, Engineering and other allied disciplines received a substantial fillip as the BRICS Young Scientist Conclave created a pool of creative youth in Science &Technology. Accelerating both individual and collective change, the conclave built a BRICS leadership (BRICS Youth Alumni) and reinforced its regional STI policies, young skill development and entrepreneurship.
The BRICS Young Scientist Conclave hosted by India (26-30 September 2016), provided an opportunity to engage and network young scientists of BRICS countries. Initiated at the Second BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Ministerial Meeting at Brasilia (18 March 2015), the BRICS Young Scientist Forum aims at BRICS Youth connectivity. The event followed the Seventh BRICS Summit and the Ufa Declaration concluded in July 2015. 
The Second BRICS Young Scientist Forum was hosted by China in Hangzhou in July 2017. South Africa hosted the third Conclave during June 2018 in Durban.

Recent/ Upcoming Events

 2- 4 Dec 2018, Alumni Meeting at NIAS


   25-29 June 2018, Third BRICS YSF Conclave, Durban, South Africa


18 July 2017

7th BRICS STI Senior Official Meetings & 5th BRICS STI Ministerial Meeting, Hangzhou, China


07 October 2016

6th BRICS STI Senior official Meetings & 2nd BRICS STI Funding Working Group Meeting, Jaipur, Rajasthan 


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