Bruna Leticia Land 



As a teenager, Bruna got into a renowned technical high school in her country, in search of quality learning. At this institution, she studied, in a 5-year period, the pre-engineering and regular high school curriculum. Even though she faced several academic difficulties, she decided to use the opportunities that school could offer; then she discovered a passion for scientific research. At the same time, Bruna came across a problem in her routine: her mother, Ana, suffered from Fibromyalgia, a chronic disease that causes pain throughout the body, and that has very poor treatments. Proving science is everywhere, even in your surrounding issues, Bruna decided to use her mother's problem to develop her research. She developed a device to reduce chronic pain, using a natural and portable treatment. With this research,  Bruna participated in more than 20 scientific events, being awarded in more than 5 countries.
However, the next step was necessary: Bruna decided to become an entrepreneur and the Relieve to Live ®️ was created. A health tech startup that develops solutions to manage chronic pain. After being the winner of two regional incubation programs, the startup is in the market validation phase, and has its MVP ready to enter the market. Relieve to Live provides the use of science and technology to bring well-being to people and transform lives -- and this is Bruna's life purpose.

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