Claudio Miceli de Farias 

UFRJ, Bazil


Claudio Miceli de Farias received his Doctorate, Master and Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 2014, 2010 and 2008 respectively. In 2015, he started working at the same University. Since then professor Claudio has joined several projects regarding wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Data analysis. Two of the most interesting projects are the Nautilus UAV, a low-cost Underwater Autonomous Vehicle, and minerva rockets, a prototype rocket. He has also won a prize in Brazil for developing IoT devices for farms to analyze milk quality in real time.  He is also reviewer of several Journals such as computer networks, IEEE sensors and computer communications.  Nowadays, professor Claudio is part of the editorial board of the International Journal of Computer Networks.

Current Research:

Professor Claudio is also responsible for coordinating undergrad activities at the Tércio Pacitti Institute of Applied Computational Research. He has also advised several master and PhD students. He has collaborated with several entities such as the Rio de Janeiro City hall, Embraer, Kontron and others. His main research projects nowadays are on applying Machine Learning/ DataFusion techniques on Computer Networks - mostly on IoT networks. Claudio’ s research interests include Data fusion, security, cloud computing, robotics, wireless sensor networks and Internet of Things.