Francyne Kubaski 

Postdoctoral fellow at the UFRGS,Brazil


Francyne Kubaski has a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences (Brazil), a Master’s degree in Medical Sciences (Brazil), a Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular biology (USA) and it is currently a Postdoctoral fellow at the UFRGS, Brazil. Dr. Kubaski is a scientist focusing on genetics disorders, newborn screening, inborn errors of metabolism, lysosomal storage disorders, and the application of tandem mass spectrometry for screening, diagnosis, and the assessment of therapeutic efficacy for these disorders. Currently, Dr. Kubaski has been working on several projects for the inclusion of several genetic disorders in the National Newborn Screening in Brazil by tandem mass spectrometry being one of the pioneers in method development for rare diseases. She has authored more than 48 manuscripts, 5 bookchapters and it has over 85 abstracts presented in International conferences. Dr. Kubaski has received several awards such as the 2017 Young Investigator award-13th Annual WORLDSymposium; the 2017 Theodore Wolf Prize- Outstanding Dissertation in the Physical and Life Sciences (Animal and Food Sciences, Applied Physiology, Bioinformatics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Climatology, Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, Geography, Geology, Marine Studies, Nursing Science, Oceanography, Plant & Soil Sciences and Physics), the 2019 Young Investigator Award- 15th Annual WORLDSymposium; the 2020 GSEM Young Investigator Award-GSEM; and the prestigious Dussault Medal from the International Society for Neonatal Screening. Dr. Kubaski is also an editorial member and a reviewer for several Scientific Journals.

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