Korobi Konwar 

Doctoral Student, 




I am a 4th year doctoral Student working under the supervision of Prof. Pritam Deb, department of Physics, Tezpur University. Currently working in the field of collective magnetic behaviour and spin dynamics of ensembles comprised of isotropic and anisotropic nanosystems..

Current Research:

MRI contrast agent, Theranostic agent, low dimensional magnetism

Recent Publication: 

  • K Konwar, SD Kaushik, D Sen, P Deb; Physical Review B 102 (17), 174449.  IF: 4.036
  • SS Pradhan, K Konwar, TN Ghosh, B Mondal, SK Sarkar, P Deb; Colloid and Interface Science Communications 39, 100319. IF: 4.914