National Institute of Advanced Studies

Bangalore Conclave 2016

Computational Intelligence, Energy Solutions & Affordable Healthcare


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25 September 2016, Sunday

Forenoon: Arrival of Guests

1800-2000 hrs: Session-I
Welcome Address:

                Prof Baldev Raj
                Director, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS),Bengaluru

                Special Address: “Interdisciplinary Science for Society
                and Humanity”

                Dr K Kasturirangan
                Emeritus Professor and former Director NIAS; former Member of Upper House of Indian Parliament; 
                and former Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

26 September 2016, Monday

0900-1030 hrs: Session-II
                Introduction by Prof Baldev Raj
                Special Address:  “BRICS Policy Reflections”
                Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
                Secretary, Department of Science and Technology,
                Government of India, New Delhi
                Special Address: “A Scientific Identity for BRICS”
                Dr. K Vijay Raghavan
                Secretary, Department of Biotechnology,
                Government of India, New Delhi

1100-1230 hrs: Session-III
Panel Discussion: Affordable Health Care
                Special Address
                Dr. MK Bhan (Video Address)
                “Making Healthcare Affordable: Corporate Social

                Mr. Dipak Marwah
                Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives, Samhita
                “Traditional Science and Indigenous Knowledge”
                Dr Darshan Shankar 
                Special inputs by two participants (five minutes each): 
                Prof. Yahya Choonara, University of Witwatersrand,
                South Africa


1330-1530 hrs: Session-IV
Ideas Hunt-I
                Led by Participants

1600-1700 hrs: Session-V
                Special Address: Science, Technology and Social Equity
                Prof VS Ramamurthy

1830-2000 hrs: Session-VI
                Brazil Evening

27 September 2016, Tuesday

0900 – 1030 hrs: Session-VII
Panel Discussion: Computational Intelligence
                Sanghamitra Bandyopadhya
                Director, ISI, Kolkata
                Umesh Waghmare
                Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research,

                Special inputs by two participants (five minutes each):
                Prof. Fulufhelo Nelwamondo Council for Scientific and
                Industrial Research (CSIR),
                South Africa


1100 – 1230 hrs: Session-VIII
Panel Discussion: Energy Solutions
                Special Address: Energy Solutions
                Prof Baldev Raj
                “Global Renewables Development: Opportunities and

                Dr Molefi Motuku
                Deputy CEO, Research and Development of the Council for
                Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), 
South Africa
                “Thermoelectric Waste Heat to Electricity Generation”
                Dr. Kanishka Biswas
                Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research,

                Special inputs by two participants (five minutes each)
                Prof Li Yangyang
                Deputy Director, China Coal Research Institute, Beijing

1330-1500 hrs: Session-IX
Ideas Hunt-II
                Led by Participants

1530 - 1700 hrs: Session-X
Session: Leaders, Here and Now
                (About the Session:  Led by  a bureaucrat/diplomat, an
                entrepreneur, an artist and a social scientist, the session
                will focus on the role of leadership in different fields in
                academia and industry, in taking collaborative initiatives
                Dr. Bhaskar Balakrishnan
                Former Indian Ambassador, Ministry of External Affairs, India
                Dr Shailaja Sharma
                Member Secretary, Commission for Agricultural Costs and
                Prices, Government of India

                Irina Nizhnik
                CEO, Fund of support of small business in the Irkutsk Region
1930 – 2100 hrs: Session-XI
China Evening

28 September 2016, Wednesday

0900-0945 hrs: Session-XII
Special Address: “Machine Learning in Cancer Biology”
Dr. M Vidyasagar (through Skype)
Department of Bioengineering, University of Texas, Dallas, USA

0945-1100 hrs: Session-XIII
Special Address
“Additive manufacturing of Materials: A New Paradigm”
Prof. Bikramjit Basu
Materials Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
Lecture by K. Venkatramanan
Former MD & CEO, Larsen & Toubro (L&T)

1130 – 1300 hrs: Session-XIV
Session 4: Ideas Hunt-III
Led by Participants

1400 – 1530 hrs: Session-XV
Workshop: BRICS STI Enterprise
Led by Dr P Goswami

1600 – 1730 hrs: Session-XVI
Young Indian Trailblazers
(Young Indian leaders from academia and from industry, focusing on the challenges of doing innovative work and ways to achieve success, often under difficult circumstances)
"Space Technology and its Usage: The next giant leap for private enterprise?"
Rahul Narayan
Founder, Team Indus, Bengaluru
Rickey Kej
Music Composer, Bengaluru
“Rich in Ideas, but Making Films in Poverty”
Pawan Kumar
Film Director, Bengaluru

1830 – 2100 hrs: Session-XVII
Russia Evening 

29 September 2016, Thursday


0930 – 1030 hrs: Session-XVIII
Valedictory Address:
                Mr VK Saraswat
                Member, Niti Aayog

1100 – 1230 hrs: Session-XIX
Group Presentations
                Computational Intelligence, Energy Solutions and
                Affordable Healthcare

                Led by Participants
                1330 hrs: Leave for Hampi, UNESCO Heritage Site, Karnataka
                1830 hrs: Reach Vijaynagar Steel Plant

1930 hrs: Session-XX
Indian Evening

30 September 2016, Friday

0800 – 1600 hrs
Tour of Hampi and discussions

1600-1830 hrs:  Session-XXI
Tour of Vijaynagar Steel Plant
1930 – 2100 hrs: Session-XXII
South Africa Evening

1 October 2016, Saturday

0700 hrs: Departure for Bengaluru

1500-1600 hrs: Session-XXIII
Feedback & Farewell
1600 hrs onwards: Departure of Delegates