Sajerao Doltade 

Indian Institute of Technology  Hyderabad, India.


 I am NICE Fellow at ITIC, IIT Hyderabad, India. I have done PhD in Chemical Engineering. Currently, I am working to develop systems for Water treatment and Organic food processing.

Current Research:

Water treatment, Organic Food Processing, Biofuels 

Recent Publication: 

  • A review on pesticide degradation from irrigation water and techno-economic feasibility of treatment technologies, Water Environment Research 2021.
  • Hydrodynamic cavitation as an imperative technology for the treatment of petroleum refinery effluent, Journal of Water Process Engineering 2019.
  • Clean Water for Developing Countries: Feasibility of Different Treatment Solutions, Encyclopedia of Environmental Health 2019.
  • Rankala Lake clean-up using Make in India technology – An initiative towards Swachh Bharat mission, Chemical Weekly 2017.
  • Mechanistic insight on the sonolytic degradation of phenol at interface and bulk using additives, Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies 2017.