Young Scientists Innovator Prize 

13-16 September 2021, Bengaluru, India 

Building better societies through Science Technology and Innovation

Themes for 2021: Healthcare, Energy Solutions and Cyber Physical system (CPS) and their applications 

About the Prize

The Innovator Prize is aimed to recognise and reward the best individuals related to research, development and innovation projects that represent technological innovation and a potential contribution to the science and technology sector of the BRICS countries. It is in special recognition of young talented entrepreneurs and researchers, whose outstanding innovations have made or is likely to make a profound impact on the socio-economic environment and conditions of life in BRICS societies. These young students, researchers and entrepreneurs drawn from science, engineering and allied disciplines will represent BRICS next generation scientific and technological leadership.

The fourth BRICS Young Innovator Prize contest will be part of the sixth BRICS Young Scientists Forum  that will take place 13- 16 September 2021 in Bengaluru,  India, under the Indian Presidency in BRICS.



Requirements for the Project:

The submitted projects must involve exclusive innovation.

The projects must be at the pre-market stage (not available for mass consumer acquiring, not presented as a public offer even at the local market). Projects that are at the stage of limited product testing, non-serial production, certification or preparation for launching the product on the market are accepted.

The Prize focuses on projects and prototypes that should be used to improve their respective sectors/ industries.

There are three thematic areas for the  4th BRICS Young Innovators Prize. They include: 

  • Healthcare
  • Energy Solutions
  • Cyber Physical System (CPS) and real life applications

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This implies that all projects must be dedicated to one of above three themes. Projects on other topics will not be considered.

The Projects should focus on major social, economic, developmental or environmental challenges and provide innovative solutions that aim to enhance conditions of life in contemporary BRICS societies. The project must be relevant minimum for 3 out of 5 BRICS countries (its actual challenges).

The volume of sales of the project presented must not exceed USD 100,000 for the last calendar year before the competition. Corporate innovations are not accepted (projects that are developed on the basis of a technology company by its employees). Also, the project should not be merged with any other technology company and not be in the process of being merged at the time of participation in the contest.

Participation in the BRICS Young Innovator Prize contest implies a participant’s agreement that the Terms and Conditions stated herein are binding on him/her.

Requirements for the Participants

Candidates to the BRICS Young Innovator Prize must be under the age of 30 as on 15 August 2021 to be eligible for participation.

Candidates must be bound to BRICS member countries, either by nationality (born or naturalized) or by residence (persons with permanent residence visas).

Candidates may not submit more than one project. Candidates must be the initial authors of the project submitted.

Participation in the BRICS Young Innovator Prize will be restricted to four candidates per country from each BRICS member state, from among the young innovators taking part in the sixth BRICS Young Scientists Forum.

Each BRICS member state may conduct the national selection of the candidates on a competitive basis or through a process of nomination.

Requirements for the Submissions


The projects must be submitted by the BRICS respective Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation on or before 15 August 2021.


All submissions must contain the following documents:

  • Application form (completed, signed and dated);
  • Project description: A MS Word document consisting of not more than five pages, including not more than four pages of graphs, drawings, charts and/or illustrations, in the following format: A4 size, Arial font, size 12, 1.5 spacing, top/lower margin: 2.3cm, left/right: 3.0cm;
  • Copy of identity document or passport;

Application form must contain the following information:

  • A brief description of the project and its innovative component(up to 100 words);
  • Problem definition the project solves;
  • Target audience of the project;
  • Current indicators (over the past 2 years): what stages have been passed, what significant marks in development have been hit, what are the financial / quantitative indicators;
  • Development strategy (for the next 1-2 years);
  • Potential prospects of application (possible use of technology in 3 years or more);
  • Current project request (what resources are needed; financial budgetand for what purpose);
  • The applicant’s role in the project and the total number of people in the team indicating their competencies or areas of responsibility in the project;
  • Links to the website and social network pages of the project;
  • Domestic / international awards / diplomas (if there are any)

All personal and project information must be submitted in English.

Inconsistent, incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted.

The application form cannot be changed in their respective contents after they have been sent to the Ministry.

The project description must include:

  • A brief description of the contestant’s innovative technology consisting of not more than six hundred (600) words, that conveys the essence of the contestant’s solution, omitting full details of technology, training and/or design;
  • A detailed description of the proposed solution including an outline of how it is supposed to address a clearly defined social, economic, developmental or environmental challenge.

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Projects for the Innovator Prize by the Indian participants need to submitted as a part of their application for BRICS YSF Conclave 2021

Follow the steps to apply 

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Second, Click here to fill the application form for the BRICS-YSF Conclave Bengaluru, India

Click here for the application template (Kindly note: This is not the formal application and is for reference only) 

For more information about the program, please contact:


Prof D Suba Chandran
Dean & Head, Science Diplomacy Programme
National Institute of Advanced Studies
(NIAS), Indian Institute of Science Campus
Tel: 080-22185113
Dr Arvind Kumar
Scientist-F, IC Division
Department of Science and Technology,
New Delhi 110016