Young  Innovator Prize 

BRICS Young Scientists Forum, China - Conclave,

29 August  -  01 September 2022

Last date for submission is Extended To: 15 July 2022

Inspire Youth Potential,  Shape BRICS's Future

About the Prize

The fifth BRICS Young Innovator Prize contest will be part of seventh BRICS Young Scientists Forum that will take place from 29 August 2022 to 01 September 2022 in Xiamen, China, under the Chinese Presidency in BRICS.  The BRICS Young Innovator Prize is a platform for the implementation of the spirits of the Memo of Understanding on BRICS Intergovernmental STI Cooperation executed by the five BRICS countries and the Ministerial Meeting, and for BRICS young scientists and entrepreneurs to share their best practices in innovation and venturing. It provides support to the cooperation and exchange among BRICS STI talents. The Prize will be granted to the winners determined through innovation project contests among youths from BRICS countries. Totally four sessions of the Prize have been held successfully and it has become an important stage for BRICS youths to display their innovation talents and strengthen exchanges and cooperation. It plays a significant role in establishing quality partnerships.

About The Conclave

Considering the impact of COVID-19, the forum will be held online and offline simultaneously, participants from outside China will attend online. For Indian Participants, the Conclave would be held in Bengaluru at National Institute of Advanced Studies on a hybrid mode. Rest of the participants from outside india would join Conclave online.

The Conclave would be held on an exclusive Zoom platform.

Links for the participants would be individually sent.


Requirements for the Project:

  1. The project shall focus on the following 5 areas: Biomedicine, Low-carbon technology, Artificial intelligence, Renewable energy, Modern agriculture.
  2. The project comes from universities, research institutes or enterprises.
  3. The project must be innovative and has been transformed from scientific and technological achievements.
  4. The project shall be in a phase of limited product testing, discontinuous production, certification, or preparation of the product for market.
  5. The project shall not infringe upon the intellectual property of any third party and the IPR fruits (including patent, standard, thesis, etc.) must be owned by the project team members.

Requirements for the Participants

  1. The age of applicant must be under 40 years (born after January 1, 1982) and a citizen of any BRICS country.
  2. Each applicant can only choose one project field for the awards.
  3. The applicant must observe the laws and regulations of China and public orders and good practices of China and other BRICS countries.

Presentation of applications to an Adjudication Panel


  1. The 1st round of evaluation will be conducted by reviewing written documents of the candidates in July. In principle, 4 projects in each field will be promoted to participate in the final. The specific number can be adjusted according to the practical situation.
  2.  The final will be held in the form of a "field + video" evaluation. The presentation of each project is limited to 10 minutes. The experts will score all the final projects which will then be ranked in the order of their score. The top 10 highest-scoring projects will be the award-winning projects and other projects will be the merit projects for the "BRICS Young Innovator Prize".                                                            


  1. Establish a BRICS jury that composed of experts from universities, research institutes, enterprises, investment institutions and other relevant fields in BRICS countries.
  2. Each BRICS country shall recommend at least 2 judges to the jury. 

Selection of Winner 

Final evaluation

The final evaluation will be held in August together with the Young Scientist Forum in a “field + video” format.

Reward for Winner

The awards include 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize and merit prize.

First Prize: 1 winner, who will receive prize money of USD 25,000 and a certificate of merit.

Second Prize: 2 winners, who will receive prize money of USD 15,000 and a certificate of merit.

Third Prize: 3 winners, who will receive prize money of USD 10,000 and a certificate of merit. 

The other projects of the final evaluation will receive a certificate of merit. The prize money and the certificate of merit will be granted during the award ceremony.

Successful participants will receive the following prizes after applicable verification and subject to compliance with the rules and conditions of BRICS Young Innovator Prize contest.



Projects for the Innovator Prize by the Indian participants need to submitted as a part of their application for BRICS YSF Conclave 2022 Xiamen,Fujian Province, China

Follow the steps to apply 

First, Click here to REGISTER 

Second, Click here to fill the application form for the BRICS-YSF INNOVATOR PRIZE -2022 Xiamen,Fujian Province, China

Click here for the application template (Kindly note: This is not the formal application and is for reference only) 

For more information about the program, please contact:


Prof D Suba Chandran
Dean & Head, Science, Technology and International Relations Programme.
National Institute of Advanced Studies
(NIAS), Indian Institute of Science Campus
Tel: 080-22185113
Dr Arvind Kumar
Scientist-F, IC Division
Department of Science and Technology,
New Delhi 110016
Sunday, 12 June 2022 - 1:00pm